What You Will Lose If You Skip Dental Cleanings in Atlanta, GA

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It has been six months since your last dental visit. Perhaps, you try your best not to notice that big red circle you placed on the calendar as a reminder for the next dental appointment. But hey, there’s no way you could skip the dental chair! Fix yourself, walk straight to the door, and see your dentist or you’ll lose something.

May you be reminded that the recommended schedule for a dental appointment is twice a year. All dentists indeed support this guideline for centuries. And we, at Buckhead Atlanta Dentistry, also believe that there’s no way one should take their oral health for granted. Did you know that in as little as six months, plaque buildup can occur? Brushing and flossing at home alone cannot counter the accumulation of harmful particles in your mouth. The best way to end plaque buildup is through professional dental cleaning.


Dental Appointment


Are you fond of ignoring all those hair in your shower drain? That’s exactly what will happen if you skip your dental cleaning – a big, costly problem will arise. Not convinced yet? Here are the things that you will lose once you neglect to go to the dentist:

Your Deserved Vacation

Would you rather spend $100 on a dental treatment now or end up paying $1000 or more for a more complex procedure later on? Think about it. Once dental problems are left unattended, higher costs await. It pays to practice early preventive care after all. With the amount that you can save by being mindful of your oral health, you can pack up all your luggage and buy a round-trip plane ticket to any destination of your choice!

Your Pearly-Whites

Skipping a dental cleaning routine can ruin your smile and teeth as well. Imagine living with having an incomplete set of teeth! You may not realize it, but tooth loss is a common thing in the U.S. And before it targets you, seek the help of a dental professional ahead.

The ocean waves and your smile are not the only things that you will miss out on by neglecting your oral health. Remember that the mouth is the window to overall health. There are lots of serious health-related conditions that are linked in the mouth. The most important thing that you might lose when skipping a dental visit? Your life.


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