The Unexpected Effects of Tooth Loss – Atlanta, GA

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Despite the advances in dental care services, many people still experience missing teeth. Some of the reasons why it occurs are physical trauma, injuries, gum disease, poor habits, inadequate oral care, and more. Sadly, today’s society looks are valued high which is why most people would go to great lengths to attain the ideal look. However, they should also remember that tooth loss does not only affect their appearance. It also has consequences on the overall oral wellness.


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At Buckhead Atlanta Dentistry, we understand the effects of tooth loss to a person which is why we commit to offer only the ideal solution for its treatment. Dental implants are one of the most sought-after procedures nowadays for it promises to give smiles a second chance. For patients to understand why teeth restorations are necessary here are things they should know.

Bone Loss

Teeth that are properly intact give support and stimulation to the jaw bone. Once a tooth is lost, the surrounding bone on the site will begin to deteriorate. Thankfully, dental implants can reverse this problem with the use of a screw-like device made of titanium. Osseointegration – the growth of the jawbone due to the titanium post placed by surgery – restores the bone structure that was once lost.

Teeth Shifting

Each permanent tooth already has their own places on the mouth. If tooth loss occurs the surrounding healthy teeth may move in an attempt to fill in spaces. It can result in malocclusions that can affect the way they speak and eat. To fix the issue – orthodontic treatments will be required. Getting dental implants before the adjacent teeth shifts will prevent any movements that can put the patients’ oral health at risk of complications.

Facial Aesthetics

The structure of the face depends on the support of the structures in the mouth. As missing teeth can result in bone loss, it is expected that their overall facial structure may change over time. One noticeable result of bone loss is it makes a person appear older than their actual age.

Increased risks of oral complications

Bone loss and malocclusions increase the chances of several oral complications like cavities and gum disease to develop. It gives patients more things to worry about and not just unsightly gaps. With dental implants, the teeth appearance, function, and overall health will be preserved for overall wellness.


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