Possible Problems After a Root Canal Treatment and Tips to Counter Them in Atlanta, GA

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A root canal treatment is a safe and painless procedure. Patients do not have to worry about the rise of complications as the therapy has a high success rate. However, there are problems or discomfort that might take place during the recovery process. We at Buckhead Atlanta Dentistry will give you some idea about it and the tips for a smoother experience during the healing period.



Common Problems After Root Canals


Wrong techniques used for a root canal procedure may cause the treated site to swell, same goes when reinfection occurs. However, in some cases, swelling is a normal part of the recovery process.

Tooth Fracture

The reason why dentists recommend patients to have their dead tooth restored with a crown is to protect the weakened and brittled structures.


Tips To Avoid Potential Complications

These essential steps will help patients heal faster. They will be able to minimize any unwanted issues and eliminate possible problems by following the tips mentioned below:

  • Avoid reinfection and decay by practicing proper oral hygiene daily. Brush, floss, and mouth rinse, but be sure to do it gently. Use a fluoridated toothpaste to prevent the buildup of cavities.
  • Keep in touch with the dentist. If discomfort persists for an extended period, ask for professional assistance right away.
  • Refrain from eating after the procedure. You may consider doing so once the numbness fade. Keep in mind that the treated part of the mouth may still be sensitive a day or two following the root canal. We suggest chewing on the opposite side to avoid any pain.
  • It is best to settle for a soft diet while recovering. Crunchy, hard, or tough snacks may not be ideal as they can aggravate the soreness.

We at Buckhead Atlanta Dentistry will further discuss with you some instructions about the post-treatment care of a root canal treatment. Aside from the points listed above, we also would like to highlight the importance of visiting us every six months not just for cleanings and checkups but also to check the condition of the teeth replacement provided by the dentist.

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