All About Dental Cleaning in Atlanta : Process and Benefits

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Professional dental cleaning is essential in preventing dental problems since brushing and flossing may not be enough. Some people fear dental cleanings because of the strange noises, prodding, and jaw discomfort. However, the dental problems people can get from bacteria buildups can be more fearful.

Knowing how a dental cleaning works and all the process involved could reduce your stress and enjoy the process. We at Buckhead Atlanta Dentistry, our experienced and talented dentists, can adequately perform Professional Dental Cleanings to keep your mouth healthy and clean for better dental health.

Dental Cleaning

Dental Cleaning Process

  • Physical Exam

Before a dental hygienist performs the dental cleaning, the whole mouth is examined using a small hand-held mirror. The gums and teeth are checked for any signs of gingivitis or other potential dental concerns. If there are any issues detected, the dentist will be informed to evaluate if you can proceed with the cleaning.

  • Plaque and Tartar Removal

The plaque and tartar (hardened plaque) buildups in the gum line and between the teeth are removed using a scaler. Each tooth is thoroughly cleaned to ensure that all the bacteria are adequately removed for it to stay healthy.

  • Expert Flossing

In this stage, an expert will clean the areas between the teeth by using floss to remove leftover plaque from the cleaning process.

  • Rinsing

You will be asked to rinse your mouth to wash out all the particles left after cleaning.

Benefits of Dental Cleaning

  • Brighten the smile. Teeth can be stained over time due to several factors, and dental cleaning can eliminate stain buildups giving you a whiter smile.
  • Prevent cavities. Plaque is a sticky deposit on the teeth from bacteria that damage the enamel and causes decay and cavities. Although brushing can remove plaque, it does not guarantee a thorough cleaning. In dental cleanings, plaque and tartar could be thoroughly removed.
  • Stop tooth loss. The plaque could irritate the gums and cause gum disease. As the condition worsens, the plaque penetrates into the teeth and gum line and damages the jaw bone. When the bone is damaged, the risk of tooth loss increases.
  • Reduce bad breath. Proper dental hygiene practice can keep the mouth clean and healthy. But it cannot completely remove the food debris and bacteria that are stuck in between the teeth. Professional dental cleanings can help in the maintenance of the overall dental health for better, healthier, fresher smile.

You deserve outstanding dental care services. We provide Regular Dental Cleanings in Atlanta. Book your appointment with us at Buckhead Atlanta Dentistry and let us help you achieve healthy teeth and gums. We are located at 3525 Piedmont Rd NE Building 8, #420, Atlanta, GA 30305.